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Manufacture - Oil Products

Motec was established in Istanbul- Turkey in 1990. After operating in Istanbul for long years, Motec moved its production plant to its new constructed Factory located in Manisa- Akhisar with investment accomplished at the beginning of 2007.

Our ISO Certified facility has 4.000 m2 closed area equipped state of the art technology and 40.000 Tons manufacturing capacity in a year. Motec not only serving to the whole area of industries, at the same time produces lubricating oils in highest level of quality for sea and land vehicles.

Thanks to long term experience in the sector and modern R&D studies, Motec is improving its products continuously , offering the best solvings to special customer demands, providing after sale technical service and new rational solutions to the companies those are active in the fields Motec serves. Motec exports well-qualified motor oils, industrial oils, marine oils and greases to 10 different country and has a wide distribution network in domestic market as well. With its wide experience in the sector , Motec accepts improving itself continuously by adopting Overall Quality Management as the main philosophy and cooperates with the main international companies proving itself in global market.