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Manufacture - Filters Production

Technical Filtration definition

• The process of cleaning and/or separating the materials in different structures that might be found in fluids is called filtration.

• The item carrying out the process is called “FILTER (SCREEN). Fluids for which filtration is carried out


•Oil ( Mineral - Synthetic – Hydraulic - Biological )

•Fuel ( Gas - Diesel Oil - LPG – Natural gas– etc. )

•Other Fluids ( Water , Oil Origin Liquid and Gases , Chemicals ) Development in filter papers

• Filter cartridges were manufactured using textile ( Fabric ) pieces 150 years ago.

• Today; they can be manufactured separately or jointly with demanded quality for many different implementations as Cellulosic or Synthetic (Fibre glass) based.

• Papers with desired pore diameter between 1 – 250 micron might be manufactured with Nanofibre or synthetic fibre based materials by means of developed Nano Technology and Laser Technology.

• Moreover, while filter papers are manufactured, system requirements and characteristics of the fluid used are taken into consideration. Expectations of the system from filter Permeation of particles at a size to damage the system from fluid
( efficiency )

• Filter permeability ( flow rate )

• Resistance to maximum system fluid pressure ( explosion resistance )

• Resistance against system and environment heat

• Resistance against moisture in air filter papers

• Compliance of chemical reactions

• Resistance against system vibration under these conditions

• Efficiency of separating water from fuel in water separator fuel filters

• Resistance of metal materials against corrosion

• Economic life of seals

• Resistance of adhesives and chemicals against fluid chemistry

• Economic Life ( Its Life) Specific Conditions